Steve Virgadamo is currently serving as the Fellow for Advocacy and Strategic Counsel at the Mackinac Center for public policy. His education, fundraising and executive management experiences are being utilized to lead efforts in K-12 education policy reform.

Steve Virgadamo, long an advocate of school choice legislation believes a parent’s right to choose an education for their child is an issue of social justice as well as a civil rights issue. While working with the Archdiocese of New York, Steve Virgadamo has accomplished numerous tasks that have furthered the mission effectiveness of the Archdiocese and the Regional Global School System. His contributions have enabled more students to enroll in great schools. Steve Virgadamo’s responsibilities include fostering overall school improvement while providing oversight and formation to 21st century school and pastoral leaders. Recently, Steven served as the architect of a 21st century school leader appraisal process which is being used in the Archdiocese of New York and other church affiliated schools throughout the United States.

Steven Virgadamo

In addition to serving as an Associate Superintendent, Steve serves as the Executive Director of the Curran Principal Academy. In this role Steven:

  •  Mentors 16 Curran Principal Academy Fellows,
  • Secures $300,000+ annually in philanthropic support of the Curran Principal Fellows,
  • Organizes and collaborates with corporate sponsors to fund the bi-annual principal meeting and retreats.

For many years Steve has provided thought leadership to Church leaders, Trustees and Board members. His expert counsel over many years has led to many Bishops, Chief Finance Officers, Superintendents, Pastors and Principals to consider him to be the expert in both Church and school management and the most premier consultant for Catholic schools, colleges and universities. His knowledge of Catholic school management and private school marketing is world renowned. He travels throughout the United States and internationally to mentor and teach school leaders, pastors, and more. His domestic and international reputation has led to Steven’s selection as a delegate for the World Congress on Catholic Education sponsored by the Congregation of Catholic Education.

Steve’s missionary zeal coupled with a unique method of hosting retreats, seminars, and conferences has enabled Catholic schools to flourish. During decades of Catholic school closings fewer than 12 of the schools with which Steven has worked have closed and his focus on overall school improvement has contributed to the effectiveness of one third of the Catholic schools in the United States which currently have student wait lists.

Through education management & reform and organizational development, Steve Virgadamo has raised record levels of philanthropic funds. Often, these funds have been used to provide an educational alternative to children living at or below the poverty line. Steven believes education and particularly choice in education can help break the cycle of poverty.

Before arriving at the Archdiocese of New York, Steve Virgadamo was on the staff at the University of Notre Dame, located in Notre Dame, Indiana. As the Associate Director of the Alliance for Catholic Education, Steve provided innovative leadership to the university and also supervised staff and Fellows of the Alliance for Catholic Education who were working on overall school improvement in dioceses around the country from Washington D.C. to Washington State.

Steven Virgadamo has also worked as the National Director of Development for the North American Territory for Legion of Christ and the College of Humanities located in Cheshire, Connecticut.  At the College of Humanities Steve was responsible for overseeing finances and the North American fundraising operations. Steve created a national brand, decentralized the fund raising operations and developed a long-term growth and development strategy. Steve’s influence and work was not held to a purely domestic role however. Steve would regularly collaborate with Chief Advancement Officers for the Legion of Christ Inc. in Europe, Mexico, South America, and Central America to plan for a more integrated global system.

Steven Virgadamo spent much of his career; 20 years in fact, working with Catholic School Management, Inc. Steve was a founding Associate with the firm and contributed to its growth and expansion. In 2014, the firm was purchased by Christian Brothers Investment Services located in Romeoville, Illinois. While contributing to the growth of CSM, Steve served as Vice President and the senior consultant on projects in well over 2000 institutions in 43 States. Steve’s responsibilities at Catholic School Management ranged from cultivating business opportunities, to developing training programs on various topics, all the way to conducting large scale partnership solicitations and leadership management.

Steve Virgadamo has the distinct and rare honor of receiving a Congressional appointment to each of the United States Service Academies. He passed on opportunities to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis to attend the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While at the Air Force Academy Steve focused on developing leadership skills and to this day often employs many of the motivational and leadership lessons he learned as young man. Steven is the son of Italian immigrants and committed to family. His faith, patriotism and commitment to family are evident in his professional and personal life. His personal mantra is God, country and family.

Steve also attended Christ the King High School, St. Francis College and completed graduate studies at both the New School for Social Research and Long Island University.


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